Student Coin was founded as an educational project. It transformed into one of the most rapidly growing blockchain businesses, with nearly 300,000 users in the community.
In 2021, we demonstrated our first successes with global reach to the community. The number of interested parties has grown exponentially because it was clear that we are building an ecosystem bigger than it was planned.

To fulfil the mission and assign a clear plan to each of our projects, we have established the STC.XYZ group, which will make sure that all Student Coin's products work together to build one ecosystem and reach common goals.
The STC.XYZ takes care of the Student Coin's vision, STC Token development, and the whole STC Ecosystem.
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Currently, the Student Coin Ecosystem consists of STC Wallet, STC Terminal, STC Educational Panel, STC App, Coinpaper, Logium, and Research & Finance Team.

Each project has a dedicated team comprising experienced professionals in the field they operate.

Although our projects have different assumptions and development plan, there is one common factor for them -  STC Token.
Setting all elements of our portfolio under one umbrella - the STC.XYZ, gives much more potential to the operational activity.

Thanks to the STC.XYZ each product will obtain its unique identity and original brand, at the same time, working together to boost the whole group.

In addition, each product makes its own contribution to the success of the token. 
1. Educational aspects of Student Coin
Educational values have been important since the beginning of the STC project. Going forward, we want to continue our awareness-raising activities about the potential of blockchain technology. In addition to the standard methods, we will implement these new strategies in a way that will help reach even more users.
• the production of documentary and entertainment videos about diverse use cases of crypto assets

• a continuation of the development of the STC Academy (an educational panel)

• Student Coin participation in conferences, and it's featuring in the media as an expert on the cryptocurrency market

• educational activities promoting Student Coin and supporting its PR

• providing grant programs for academic and research clubs interested in blockchain
2. STC Projects: Wallet, App, Terminal
Managing funds securely, taking part in votes, or creating your own tokens are just some of the features that the 300,000 users have used. The roles of the following products will be adjusted as the ecosystem develops further.
• a real influence on project development through STC DAO Voting

• benefits from Premium Holder Program

• STC Terminal use for extending educational purposes and show how simple tokenization can be

• the release of an upgraded version of a mobile wallet app with a full range of features
3. Logium Alliance
Finance decentralization is the future, and we want to be the beneficiaries of changes that will come in the upcoming years. That is why we are co-founding Logium, which opens our exposition to the new market.
• provide financial streams to STC DAO VOTING

• gives STC Token holders an opportunity to vote about Logium's development

• the first protocol in the market that offers such features as the prediction of every token price at DeFi

• platform’s updates and trackable developments posted on Twitter

• Logium as the key exchange in STC Ecosystem

• [soon] Logium provides access to traditional assets, like FOREX or commodities
4. Coinpaper magazine
News portals in the cryptocurrency industry are a novelty, so why would we not create our own platform? Coinpaper ensures access to credible and up-to-date information created by the best journalists from across the world. In addition, the products from our ecosystem can reach new audiences with it.
• provides financial streams to STC DAO VOTING

• PR and marketing tools for boosting the STC.XYZ Ecosystem

• premium quality newsletters for STC community

• top journalists and researchers

• potential to become one of the largest media portals during the next bull market cycle
5. STC Research and Finance
Proper finance management is one of the main concerns while running a business. Especially, if the risks are as high as in the cryptocurrencies industry [look at Anchor, Celsius or Three Arrow Capital]. The funds for the STC.XYZ development are kept securely, and they are diversified between multiple assets. The community can rest assured that there will be no shortages of financial and crypto resources to develop our products.
• market analyses and risk management

• the passive funds protection of STC.XYZ assets

• the execution of global financial and legal operations

• providing financial streams to STC DAO VOTING
“Even in the world of constant change and demanding challenges, we are able to maintain focus. Our objective remains consistent -  boost
the value of the STC Token. At the same time, we keep enhancing the project's safety.”